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I'm Planning A Halloween Wedding!

My boyfriend, Dagon, proposed to me on Halloween this year! We're getting married next Halloween. We're planning a smallish, probably less than 30 people attending, wedding for next October. It will be Halloween/Gothic/Fall themed, with a few other themes added in. Eclectic wedding. It will have a lot of D.I.Y. decorations/details. The guest will be asked to either come in costume or nice/formal type black clothes.

My betrothed is a horror-artist & taxidermist. He made my engagement ring. You can't tell in the photo, gotta take better photos of the ring, but the eyes sparkle so pretty.

Some photos:

If you know of any good online wedding resources let me know. I've only been to like 5 weddings and they were all very small and most were informal. I haven't planned anything like this before or been to anything like what I'm planning either. Also if you know of any online stores that have nice Gothic or Victorian or Medieval style dresses in plus-sizes let me know.


*I might x-post this post in some other communities.
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