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Spooky Is As Spooky Does

The Spooky Style Guide
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Welcome to Spooky Style, home for the like-minded LJer on the quest for bats, cats and broomsticks. It's a guide with general appeal rather than bearing labels for a certain clique. Come share your ideas on decorating, designing, entertaining, and crafting your own abode, garden and closets with spooky goodness that far outlasts Halloween shopping ferver - it's a way of life.

If you have a penchant for the spooky side, whether it's simply the month of October or the Ides of March, then this community is for you.

Your own helpful tricks, treats and photos are appreciated but please no Ebay or community spam unless it is relevant to share in the discussion (a single post please). This is a forum for discussion not, "I'm selling my entire wardrobe cause I need money so I'm going to post this forever" spam. No one gains from these and no one wants your used jacket so please go to the proper sell-your-shit community (or do us all a favor and go to Goodwill). If you decide to break this simple rule, you will be removed from the community. Do play nice and place large posts/photos with an LJ-cut as well!

Your community moderators are: razorblade_meg and pandorasfox and created by spellbinding.

The Spooky Top 5 Questionnaire
Please take a moment and tell us about yourself when you become a member!
1. Why do spooky?
2. How would you define your spooky style?
3. What are your favorite spooky things?
4. What do you like best about Halloween?
5. Anything else you'd like to share?